This is Patra, Greece: 3rd DIBF EuroCup Patra 2011 summary

10 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

3rd DIBF EuroCup Patra 2011 summary

Patra the capital of western Greece hosted the 3rd DIBF Eurocup for 2011. Eleven mens teams and six womens teams took part in the cup and enjoyed the game.

Mens teams
A.S.D. Sordi Pesaro (ITA)
A.S.K.B. N/D Patras (GRE)
A.S.L.S. Nancy (FRA)
Beer Sheva Foxes (ISR)
GSV Osnabruck (GER)
GTSV Frankfurt (GER)
Istanbul (TUR)
London Lions (UK)
Moscow Gloria (RUS)
Piraeus Athens (GRE)
Vilnius Gestas (LTU)

Womens team
A.S.K.B. N/D Patras (GRE)
GSC Nurnberg 1911 (GER)
A.S.D. Sordi Pesaro (ITA)
GSV Muenchen (GER)
London Lionesses (UK)
Here are some videos from tournament games

Some photos from the ending ceremony

Congrats to all volunteers who helped the tournament

Bavaria was there and was beautiful

Resting after games and before party!

Awesome volunteer

Mahi on the left was my helpful volunteer throughout the tournament

Winners and winners 
There were no losers in this tournament. 

Bad comments
Unfortunately all negative comments will refer to local community and authorities. As we have foresaw local authorities only appeared couple minutes before ending ceremony and only for photos and videos with the athletes. The organizers couldn't avoid "honoring" the local church or the local prefecture, although none of them helped the tournament. Anyway that wasn't so bad and it was part of the ceremony ritual. 
Local media hosted paid advertisements but didn't bother much to promote and/or support the tournament with an article or few lines. 

The worst comment is left for the Municipality and Major of the city. I felt really bad when i realized that the Major of the City wasn't there to honor the players and the teams. 

Hope for the future
Now that the tournament is almost over and most players are partying, there is only hope and wishes for a better future. See you at 4th Eurocup with more players and more teams. 

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