This is Patra, Greece: Brief report from 3rd DIBF Eurocup Patra 2011

9 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

Brief report from 3rd DIBF Eurocup Patra 2011

Patra is hosting the 3rd DIBF Eurocup. We have been to Apollon Patron Basketball court and watched couple games.
Italian team A.S.D. Sordi Pesaro versus Israeli Beer Sheva Foxes. The italians was there with supporting members. Congratulations to the ladies at the Games secretary for being there from early in the morning with their brightest smile.

At the main court was the game between Moscow Gloria from Russia and Beer Sheva Foxes from Israel. Both team are professional and play good and fast basketball. The crowd was players and members of other tournament teams and volunteers supporting the tournament.

Official state was present at the tournament only with one policeman and nobody else. Tomorrow is the last day and the ending ceremony, probably "celebrities" of the city will be there for photos.

When i asked about the local team results i was not that surprised to hear that the local team lost the morning game 0-20 because it appeared without uniform. On the other hand the German teams and athlete were the majority.

Tomorrow will try to attend more games and to write a better report with more videos.

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