This is Patra, Greece: 3rd DIBF EuroCup Patra 2011

4 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

3rd DIBF EuroCup Patra 2011

This year Patra, capital of Western Greece will host the 3rd DIBF Eurocup. It is a special annual deaf basketball clubs event in Europe and to celebrate in December 2011 the 30th Anniversary of Sports Association of the Deaf in Southwestern Greece (1981-2011).
Patra is not the most friendly city for people with disabilities and we can guess local authorities will only appear during ceremonies just for speeches and tv shows.

We would like to welcome the eleven mens and six womens clubs that will take part in the cup.

Official Men Team list:

A.S.D. Sordi Pesaro (ITA)
A.S.K.B. N/D Patras (GRE)
A.S.L.S. Nancy (FRA)
Beer Sheva Foxes (ISR)
GSV Osnabruck (GER)
GTSV Frankfurt (GER)
Istanbul (TUR)
London Lions (UK)
Moscow Gloria (RUS)
Piraeus Athens (GRE)
Vilnius Gestas (LTU)

Official Women Team list:

A.S.K.B. N/D Patras (GRE)
GSC Nurnberg 1911 (GER)
A.S.D. Sordi Pesaro (ITA)
GSV Muenchen (GER)
London Lionesses (UK)

The official site for further infos is

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