This is Patra, Greece: Riga Feraiou pedestrian zone

20 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Riga Feraiou pedestrian zone

From wikipedia we copy the definition of pedestrian zone:

"Pedestrian zones (also known as auto-free zones and car-free zones) are areas of a city or town reserved for pedestrian only use and in which some or all automobile traffic may be prohibited."

Riga Feraiou is the main pedestrian zone of Patra and all automobile traffic is prohibited. But theoretically prohibited since the zone is used as a by-pass or parking spot when traffic is high in city center.

All videos are shot while moving in the city center so it's just a small sample of everyday use of Riga Feraiou pedestrian zone by car and bikes. Patra's citizens and local municipal police don't seem to be bothered by cars or bikes.
ps. Patra was European Capital of Culture for the year 2006.

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