This is Patra, Greece: Tax evasion and illegal trade supported by municipality

8 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Tax evasion and illegal trade supported by municipality

Due to the economic crisis and the situation in Greece many people and journalists complain about tax evasion by companies and illegal trade by immigrants. Local shop owners focus on immigrants and blame them for dropping sales. Local media reproduce and promote this aspect.

This photos was taken at the local Christmas market. It has nothing to do with famous German weihnachtsmarkt, it's just an open air flea market which sells all kinds of useless crap, irrelevant to its theme which is Christmas.
In order to place a stand who have to get a license from the municipality of Patras and pay a small fee. In order for the sellers on this market to be "official" and known.
The specific stand on the photo belongs to a Greek owner and not an immigrant. He also got a license from the municipality to be at the Christmas market. The goods he is selling are illegally copied cds, not even of good quality, with the worst covers i have ever seen all of them handwritten with a plain marker. The cds are not only illegal but of really bad taste too. Furthermore the seller didn't have a cash register so he wasn't issuing any receipts, a serious crime in Greece, a country in an economic crisis.

My goal is not to focus on this specific salesman but to highlight the hypocrisy of the media and merchants of Patras (and Greece is general) who act racist by focusing on a few immigrants while they hide their illegal business (tax evasion and avoidance , illegal trade) - as if this is also supported by official authorities.

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